Tarjuma tul Quran (Urdu)


The only religion of this world that provides complete guidance related to each and every aspect of life is provided by Islam. Whether it is related to trading or wedding, about being good parents or obedient children, Islam provides information related to everything. And the Quran is the fundamental source for the guidance of all mankind revealed by Allah SWT on his beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).

If we search for guidance, no doubt the Quran is the only best guide for every Muslim that could exist in this world. As said by the Messenger of Allah (SWT) that whenever you find yourself lost, take guidance for the right path from the book of Allah i.e. The Holy Quran.

Of note, The Quran is the miracle of Allah and this miracle itself contains several miracles in it. It’s the miracle of the Quran that contains guidance in it related to every aspect of life whether it’s related to law, wedding, trading, economy or leadership, and politics. Quran provides us with all the knowledge and guidance we need to live a life according to the commands of Allah SWT.

But a problem occurs for Non-Arabs when they start understanding the Quran as the Quran is in the Arabic language and not everyone is able to understand Arabic. To understand the commands of Allah SWT one needs to have a firm grip on Arabic. We felt this need of society and thus we have introduced a course through the platform of onlinequranway.com where people can learn Quran translation online.

Eligibility for this Course?

After a lot of hard work and guidance from our seniors, we have specially designed this course of an online tutor for Quran with translation for the people who wants to understand the commands of Allah SWT and implement in their life.

This course will allow the student to learn Quran with translation tutor. The processes will be carried in the way that in the initial phases the student will be taught to translate small words of Arabic each day. This chain will continue word by word Quran teacher will convert those words into verses and then verses into Surahs.

This Quran and Arabic translation course are specially designed in a way that not only an adult but a toddler could also start learning the science of translating the Quran with us. We enable people from all over the world to interpret and comprehend the Quran. It does not matter either you are an Urdu or English speaker, you will be able to learn Quran Urdu translation word by word. Our teachers will help you to learn online Quran with Urdu translation word to word.

Whats the need to learn Quran Translation in this modern world?

There are many reasons why a Muslim as well as a non-Muslim should learn Quran Urdu translation word by word. The following are the most important reasons:

  1. By understanding Arabic, you can unravel the words of Allah SWT
  2. An increase in your faith will be felt by you.
  3. After understanding the translation of the Quran, we come to know about all the deeds which we should do and what we shouldn’t do as a Muslim.
  4. We develop a sense of strong feeling between ourselves and Allah SWT if we would able to understand what we are saying in our application and Duas.

What is our approach in this course “Learn Quran with translation tutor”?

To learn Quran with translation tutor can be a tough task to do especially if you are a Not an Arab native. But keep in mind the honor that you will get from Allah SWT for following with this difficult task just to get close to Allah and act on the commands of Him. Our course has been designed especially for Non-Arabs so that an individual who’s native language isn’t Arabic will also able to learn online Quran with Urdu translation word to word.

As per our approach and policy, the process to learn Quran with translation tutor will include the teaching of meanings of Arabic words daily. Initially, these words will be few but later on, the complication level will be enhanced according to the espionage of students.

In this process of Quran Urdu translation word by word, the learners will also be able to translate the verses of Quran word by word.

Our tutors are experts and qualified in their field of work that the whole process of this learn Quran with translation tutor becomes joyful and effective for the students

By the end of the Quran with translation tutor course, a student will be able to translate verses of the Quran and not only this, but he will also be able to understand the situation in which the verse was revealed and what they indicate (Tafseer).

Certified Word by Word Quran Teacher

Just like a person with a master’s or phD degree isn’t always the best teacher, in the same way not everyone is capable to teach Quran. That’s why we never jeopardize our quality of tuition. The team which we have selected for online tutor for Quran with translation is certified in their field of work.

Th team of onlinequranway.com online Quran with Urdu translation word to word program consists of expert and talented tutors who are certified and professional so that the course will not be a waste of money and time for you. They have a considerable knowledge in teaching Quran translation online. Before our course, learn Quran translation online was never considered this much simple.

5-Days Free Trial

It’s not easy for anyone to believe any tutor or person all of a sudden especially when the education of our children is related. We considered this fact and now we have initiated the policy according to which our students will enjoy a free trial to learn Quran with translation tutor.

The duration of the free trial will be 5 days. This means you get access to all our material, stuff, and the teaching sessions of learn Quran translation online for free for complete 5 days.


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