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Quran Memorization 

1400 years ago when Allah SWT blessed our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W) with prophecy, he also bestowed Our Prophet with The Holy Quran as His miracle and as a complete guide for the Ummah. Islam is without any suspicion the complete code of life and the only true and best religion of the world whereas the Quran is the best book of this world. It gives guidance and advice on each and every aspect of life. 1400 years ago when the Quran was revealed on the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), Allah SWT took the responsibility to keep it safe from any sort of change. Since after its revelation, it became the Sunnah of Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and his Sahaba (R.A) to learn and memorize the Quran. It was through this memorization that Quran was protected in its initial days in the hearts of Sahaba (R.A). And this Sunnah continued for years and still it is considered as a huge blessing for Muslims who are bestowed by the Almighty Allah with this blessing of memorizing the Quran by hearts.

In Arabic, the inscription of Hafiz is awarded to the person who memorizes the Quran. The literal meaning of the word Hafiz is “guardian” or memorized. The female equivalent of Hafiz is known as Hafiza while the process through which a hafiz or hafiza goes through to learn Quran is known as “Hifz”.


In this modern era where people only focus on their child to get higher degrees so that their children can practice higher professional careers in their life, there are also many Muslims who want their children to devote their early years of teenage to Allah and his Deen, Islam by becoming a guardian of Quran I.e. Hafiz-e-Quran. We understood this need of the society and took the step to start an online Quran academy known as where Muslims of any age can learn and memorize the Quran with Tajweed. Our academy focuses on teaching the students to learn and recite the Quran with Tajweed (the way our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) used to recite the Quran). Under the surveillance of our certified Quran teachers, your child will undergo the process of Quran memorization online.


A firm believer in Islam knows that learning and memorizing the Holy Quran is a great blessing for a Muslim. Of note, the Hafiz/Hafiza and the parents of the individual, all are rewarded with special honors in this world as well as hereafter.



The person who memorize Quran is beloved to Allah. As said, Allah SWT loves that person who learns, understands, memorizes, and implements the commands of the Quran in their life. If we turn the pages of Hadith, we would come to know that Allah SWT has kept some huge rewards for those who memorize the Holy Quran. And not only the individual himself but the parents and close acquaintances to hafiz and hafiz will also be rewarded.


Every parent wants that their child becomes obedient to them and that he wouldn’t involve in any bad activities. It’s the miracle of the Quran that when a child starts the Quran memorization program, he himself starts refraining from all the bad deeds and activities.


Learning and memorizing Quran can be a little difficult for the kids, but as said if you start to do anything to please Allah SWT, he will make things easier for us. When starting the process of Quran memorization online, the student should have a pure intention, and he will notice that the things have ultimately become easy for him.


Sometimes the only hardship parents in Quran memorization for kids is the choice of Quran academy. Previously, mosques were considered as the best source for all the Islamic teachings. It is still the best source for today as well. But sometimes the mosques are not in our residential areas and a child has to travel long distances to reach the academy to memorize Quran.


By keeping all these hinderances in mind, we have launched Quran memorization program on This Quran memorization program will assist your child to pursue Quran memorization online. This program is specially designed by keeping in mind the Quran memorization for kids. We have the certified, professional and experienced staff who have years of experience in this field of work. Our fundamental aim is to help your child memorize Quran online in the easiest and best possible way.

This Quran Hifz Online Course is designed by the best Huff’az and Qaris, who have experienced in making hundreds of Hafiz and Quran learners.


After a lot of hardwork and brainstorming our competent staff of has formed and opted the following format for our Quran memorization online program. The child who is memorizing Quran online has to pass through the following process each day of his lesson:

  • Sabaq: The new lesson which a kid will memorize each day is known as Sabaq. It can vary from few lines to a few pages, depending on the response and intelligence of a child.


  • Sabaqi: This part of lesson consists of the Surahs and lesson which the student has memorized in the recent past days in Quran hifz online course.

A tutor will listen to these lessons memorized in the past to have the idea that the student is not forgetting the lessons.

  • Manzil: Manzil is the part of the Quran which the student has learned and memorized firmly. The student has recited this part of Quran several times in front of the tutor. Manzil is considered as the part of Quran which is completely committed to the memory of the student.

Individual One-on-One Focused Classes

We understand that how important focus and individual attention is for Quran memorization online. That’s why we have the system where your child will have separate attention and no discomforts and confusion. These one-on-one sessions and classes will provide a peaceful environment to the student and ultimately the student will become a good Hafiz.

Just like a person with a master’s or phD degree isn’t always the best teacher, in the same way not everyone is capable to teach Quran. That’s why we never jeopardize our quality of tuition. The team which we have selected for online tutor for Quran with translation is certified in their field of work.

Th team of online Quran with Urdu translation word to word program consists of expert and talented tutors who are certified and professional so that the course will not be a waste of money and time for you. They have a considerable knowledge in teaching Quran translation online. Before our course, learn Quran translation online was never considered this much simple.

5-Days Free Trial

It’s not easy for anyone to believe any tutor or person all of a sudden especially when the education of our children is related. We considered this fact and now we have initiated the policy according to which our students will enjoy a free trial to learn Quran with translation tutor.

The duration of the free trial will be 5 days. This means you get access to all our material, stuff, and the teaching sessions of learn Quran translation online for free for complete 5 days.


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